The Bryanston Primary Six-A-Side Soccer Tournament began in 1969, under Headmaster Mr. Andrews.

The late Mr Christopher Joubert, son of the founder of Bryanston Primary School, had a huge influence of the growth of this tournament. He was a former learner at the school, and later became a respected staff member for many years.

Mr Joubert wanted to create something where not just learners and teachers were involved in a sporting event, but wanted to reach out to as many people as possible, to get the community involved and make a spectacle of the day.

Sadly, Mr Joubert passed away in 2012, and his charisma and enthusiasm is sorely missed. However, his legacy will always be part of the school and this tournament.

In 1997 a round-robin netball tournament was set up to run alongside the Six-a-Side Soccer Tournament.  Each sport features a round robin in an A and B pool, which allows young athletes to participate in sporting competition which is appropriate for their skill level. At the end of the event prizes are also given to outstanding players in each pool and age group.

This is a very special annual event, remembered fondly by many Bryanston Primary alumni and parents.