School Ethos

Bryanston Primary School is an English medium school committed to providing excellence in education to all our pupils, parents, staff and community. Embedded in the ethos of the school is the belief in the unlimited potential of every member of the school community.

We have made the decision and commitment to make the child centred approach a reality in our school where the children will be fully prepared and confident that they can and will succeed at achieving that which others may deem to be impossible.

We nurture quality educated individuals who have belief in their own abilities and are able to think critically and apply their knowledge constructively in their daily lives.

The atmosphere that is created in the school is one where everyone feels that they belong and add value to the school. With love we educate, discipline and guide our youth to become the leaders of tomorrow.

As a school we know that it is only in giving our best and not expecting anything in return that we truly prosper as individuals, a school and as a community. We distinguish ourselves by supporting and giving to those that are in need in our school community and those in our local community.

We know that nothing is impossible because we believe and know that all things are possible.