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Reset Microsoft Teams password

Parents are allowed to change the learners Teams passwords if they are not happy with the original one sent. The settings on our Teams security is set to ensure learner safety at all times, and has been set this way since the inception of Teams at BPS.

If ever you would like to change the Teams passwords, please follow the steps below.


Our students are able to reset their own password with their parents assistance, which is why they are required to verify their contact details at the initial login.

Below are the steps on how to go about this:

1. Sign into, and on seeing Screen 1, click on the setting toolbar.


Screen 1


2. It will then give you the option to reset the password (Screen 2). The old password will be the Default one.

Please note: you cannot change the password on Teams App or login, but only from the Office 365 portal.


Screen 2

Reset BPS Online password

1. Lost password/Reset Password

Parents may change their login password on BPS Online, using the username to log in to change it. This is usually the learner’s full name (first name and surname).

Click on RESET MY PASSWORD. You will then be directed to a screen to input the email address that was linked to the learner profile on creation of that profile.

Screen 1

2. Forgotten email address

If you cannot remember which email address is linked to the profile, or you did not receive your login details from the register teacher, please click on Help! I didn’t receive my login details from the register teacher. (Screen 2)

You will then be directed to a form (Screen 3) . Please fill in your child’s details, and your request will be forwarded to BPS Online support, who will get back to you with new login details.

Screen 2
Screen 3
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