Edition 1 | 22 January 2021

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    15 February-23 April 03 May - 09 July 26 July - 01 October 11 October - 15 December
    Grade Start Time Drop-off Point End Time Collection Point
    Grade 1 07h25 Sports Cafe Gate 13h10 Main Gate
    Grade 2 07h25 Montessori Gate 13h10 Montessori Gate
    Grade 3 07h25 Main Gate 13h10 Main Gate
    Grade 4 07h25 Montessori Gate 13h40 Staff Gate
    Grade 5 07h25 Sports Cafe Gate 13h40 Main Gate
    Grade 6 07h25 Main Gate 13h40 Montessori Gate
    Grade 7 07h25 Main Gate 13h40 Main Gate

    Message from the Acting Principal

    A warm welcome to all learners, parents and staff. I would like to extend a special welcome to all our new learners and parents. We hope that you will find happiness and a lot of joy at Bryanston Primary School!

    2021 has started with much uncertainty, and we will yet again do our utmost to change a very dull situation into a productive and joyous learning experience.

    We would like to offer our sincere condolences with all our families, past and present, who have lost loved ones over the festive period to COVID-19 and other causes.

    New Staff

    I would like to welcome the following staff to the Bryanston family:

    • Ms Nathoo will start in Grade 1 and we look forward to many special moments in her classroom.
    • Mr Powell will start as our new paramedic and we are looking forward to having you around the school and sport fields.

    School opening

    The year has started with several mixed messages relating to schools in South Africa and I would like to clarify a few issues to our parents.

    • As it stands now, schools will only reopen on 15 February.
    • Bryanston Primary will start with scheduled MST meetings on 27 January. In these meetings staff will introduce themselves to the learners. (Gr 4-7). The expectations for the near future will be outlined to the learners.
    • Gr 1 – 3 teachers will schedule individual MST meetings with their learners and their parents between 27 – 29 January where they will introduce themselves and have a conversation with the learner and parents regarding the plans for 2021.
    • All grades will start with online lessons on MST on Monday 1 February.

    The school will keep parents informed on all new developments as they are published. Please take note that we hear about developments at the same time the media releases it. Please allow us a day or two to ensure that we act according to published documents.

    Every parent will be responsible for signing the online code of conduct accompanying this newsletter and send it back to their kids register teacher. You will find the document here.
    When we start school, learners will wear their school uniform.

    Postponement of functions

    Please take note that the following functions that was scheduled for the beginning of the year will be postponed until further notice. 

    • Grade 1 Intake function.
    • Foundation Phase Prize giving.
    • Intermediate Phase Prize giving.
    • Prefect blazer assembly.
    • Parent evening.


    A sincere thanks to the parents that kept up to date with school fees during 2020. We understand that it was an extremely tough year and we are grateful that we could honour all our financial commitments. I would like to encourage parents to honour their financial commitments as the running costs of the school are still ongoing. Please communicate with us if you are experiencing financial difficulties regarding school fees.

    Aftercare and extramurals

    As we receive further information, we will share our plans regarding extra murals and Aftercare.

    Moving into 2021 with positivity
    Let’s make 2021 a special year where we spend quality time with our children as often as possible. This will benefit our children in learning to build proper relationships and communication skills. Our children thrive on attention and love to feel safe and secure. The biggest gift we can give somebody is our time.

    Please remember that education can only be effective when parents, teachers and learners are working together to the same goal. I would like to encourage teachers and parents to keep open channels of communication to ensure quality education and the happiness of all our children.

    We will continue our journey to install, remind and practice good values in 2021. Please support us in our vision to send responsible and self-confident young boys and girls into the world. 

    Please take note of the following annexures that are published with this newsletter:

    • Gr 1 – 3 individual class timetables. (MS Teams)
    • Gr 4 – 7 Grade timetables. (MS Teams)
    • Online Code of Conduct.
    • How to reset MS Teams password.

    “You cant let your failures define you. You must let your failures teach you.”

    ~ Mr Morne Marx

    General Announcements

    Schedules for Intersen Phase Grade Meetings – 27 January

    • 08:00 – 09:00 – Grade 4
    • 09:00 – 10:00 – Grade 7
    • 10:00 – 11:00 – Grade 5
    • 11:00 – 12:00 – Grade 6
    1. Welcome
    2. Online Teaching
    3. Submission of work
    4. Timetable for Teams
    5. Discipline for online teaching
    6. Class set up
    7. Prize giving
    8. Subject teachers

    D6 Connect

    Parents are encouraged to install the D6 Connect App in order to receive important communication from the school regarding News, Resources, Alerts etc. Download the app here.

    MS Teams and BPS Online

    From the school side, all MS Teams and BPS online profiles have been created and are working. Login details are the same as last year and if resets were done, they were sent to parents. Please use the MS Teams or BPS Online password reset button on the front page of the login page if ever you forget the password.

    • For BPS online login password queries when you have difficulties, please contact support@bpsonline.co.za from a login aspect. If the query is subject related, regarding content, please contact the subject teacher and not support.
    • If you are experiencing MS Teams login password queries please email troman@bryanstonprimary.co.za
    • If you are experiencing technical difficulties (not related to passwords), depending on the device you are using, please ensure that updates are done on the learners’ devices.
    • For details on resetting or changing of passwords, please refer to our Troubleshooting guide.
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