Edition 18 | 11June 2021

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15 February-23 April 03 May - 09 July 26 July - 01 October 11 October - 15 December
Grade Start Time Drop-off Point End Time Collection Point
Grade 1 07h25 Sports Cafe Gate 13h10 Main Gate
Grade 2 07h25 Montessori Gate 13h10 Montessori Gate
Grade 3 07h25 Main Gate 13h10 Main Gate
Grade 4 07h25 Montessori Gate 13h40 Staff Gate
Grade 5 07h25 Sports Cafe Gate 13h40 Main Gate
Grade 6 07h25 Main Gate 13h40 Montessori Gate
Grade 7 07h25 Main Gate 13h40 Main Gate

General Announcements

COVID-19 Information and precautions

We would like to appeal to all parents to please stick to the Bryanston Primary Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) by filling in the screening tags of their children on a daily basis. Please do not mark the screening tags in permanent marker and please ensure you go through the questions with them every day.

This week is assessment week, it is important that if a learner is absent for an assessment that they send a doctors note to school. If they are absent because their parent is COVID-19 positive, then the results for their parents test will be accepted as their doctors note. If a doctors note cannot be produced then the learner will receive 0%.

At present we are thankful that our school has not had alarming increases in the infections and at present we only have 2 learners who have been diagnosed as positive, one in Grade 2 and the other in Grade 6. It is important to keep our school as safe as possible and this is not effective if protocol is only followed at school and not at home. Please can we ask you to follow all safety procedures at home so as to ensure the safety of our school.

Lost Property

Parents are encouraged to please label all school clothing. All clothing not labelled that goes to lost property will be washed and resold if the owners cannot be found.

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    Academic Announcements

    BPS Online

    Teachers and learners are still using the portal as a learning tool.

    Foundation phase:
    The Foundation phase uploads extension and remediation work on the portal. They also upload work that the learners revise closer to when the learners write formal assessments.

    Intersen phase:
    Work that is covered in class is on the portal. There is also extension and remediation work loaded on the portal. If a learner would like to know more about a topic, they will go to the extension activities. If a learner did not understand a topic or would like to revise a topic they will go to the remediation work. Learners must use the portal to revise work closer to formal assessments under the ‘Revision’ section. If a child is absent, they must go onto the portal to complete the work they missed so that they do not fall behind.

    We encourage parents to ensure that their child makes use of the portal as a learning tool to revise the day’s work. This is an invaluable tool which is beneficial for all children.

    Sports Announcements

    Extramurals during exams

    There are no Extramurals taking place from 10 – 18 June due to Exams.  Extramurals will resume after exams.

    Sports Timetable Term 2

    There is no Netball, Soccer and Rugby until further notice. Every other activity will go ahead as normal. We will send out a new extra-mural timetable once we have clarification from the Basic Department of Education.

    Please check the extramural timetable from the link at the top of the page for the latest timetable available (as of 31 May).


    Aftercare 2021

    Please email aftercare@bryanstonprimary.co.za if you are interested in sending your child to aftercare. Please provide the following details: Name, Surname, Grade. Alternatively, use the enquiry form here to make your enquiries.

    Grade 1-7 Shoulder bag requirements

    Please ensure that the following items are in the learner’s shoulder bags daily:

    • An extra mask in a sealed plastic bag in case of an emergency
    • A plastic bag to throw rubbish into (tissues, pencil sharpenings, paper that has been cut out etc.)
    • A minimum of 500ml of water for drinking
    • Adequate amount of lunch
    • Personal hand sanitiser (alcohol based)
    • Personal tissues
    • Sanitising wipes (alcohol based) to clean off their own working area
    • No latex gloves may be worn

    Mount Street Parking

    There are still many parents who are entering the NO RIGHT TURN area on Mount Street. Please adhere to all road signals to assist with the flow of traffic. Please obey all instructions given by our security guards.

    JMPD have informed BPS that they will be doing spot visits to the school to monitor and assist with regulating traffic.

    JMPD have also suggested that parents drive up Mount Street (if coming from Grosvenor), and turn into Cross Road (towards the gym) and then join onto Main Road to flow into William Nicol, if you need to get back onto William Nicol Drive.

    There is a NO RIGHT TURN sign on Mount Street, on the island (coming from Grosvenor) that indicates that no cars coming from Grosvenor are allowed to turn right into the parking area. Please adhere to all road signs in order to assist with traffic congestion.

    Lightning Procedure

    We ask that parents follow this procedure for lightning and heavy rain. Please use the contact numbers for WHATSAPP ONLY if parents or transport companies are at the gate and they need learners to be sent to their respective dismissal points only when there is lightning or heavy rain.

    No incoming phone calls will be allowed on these phones. This phone will not be used for any other purpose other than it’s intended use. It is only used for WHATSAPP messages during inclement weather.

    WHATSAPP message should only have Name, Surname and Grade of the learner who needs to be sent to the gate (e.g. Joe Soap Grade 4A to be sent to the gate).

    Please WHATSAPP the Grade Heads in your respective Grades as follows, only during inclement weather:

    • Grade 1: 076 570 5824
    • Grades 2 & 3: 079 790 4653
    • Grade 4 & 5: 079 169 2271
    • Grade 6 & 7: 079 628 7475

    COVID Standard Operating Procedures

    Please ensure that you have read and understand the school standard operating procedures for the start of Term 1, in relation to COVID sanitation standards.

    The document can be found on our Coronavirus Resources page.

    D6 Connect

    Parents are encouraged to install the D6 Connect App in order to receive important communication from the school regarding News, Resources, Alerts etc. Download the app here.

    MS Teams and BPS Online

    From the school side, all MS Teams and BPS online profiles have been created and are working. Login details are the same as last year and if resets were done, they were sent to parents. Please use the MS Teams or BPS Online password reset button on the front page of the login page if ever you forget the password.

    • For BPS online login password queries when you have difficulties, please contact support@bpsonline.co.za from a login aspect. If the query is subject related, regarding content, please contact the subject teacher and not support.
    • If you are experiencing MS Teams login password queries please email troman@bryanstonprimary.co.za
    • If you are experiencing technical difficulties (not related to passwords), depending on the device you are using, please ensure that updates are done on the learners’ devices.
    • For details on resetting or changing of passwords, please refer to our Troubleshooting guide.

    Bryanston Classifieds

    Adverts are placed on a monthly basis at the beginning of the month and removed at the end of the month. This service is offered by Bryanston Primary School for advertisers to market their products or services to the BPS community in the school newsletter. The school cannot be held responsible or liable for any damages or misleading claims resulting from the information contained in the classifieds. Placing an advert in the Bryanston Classifieds does not mean that the school endorses or recommends the product or service on offer.

    Price structure for BPS Classifieds:

    • BPS Families R200 per advert – maximum 30 words.
    • Non-BPS Families R350 per advert – maximum 30 words.

    Payment and Advertising material

    By EFT only. Bank: Standard Bank Fourways Crossing | Branch Code: 009953 | Account Number: 023385103. 

    Please use the reference: CLASSIFIEDS+Your Name and send proof of payment and advertising material to Mrs M. Fairley on mfairley@bryanstonprimary.co.za.

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    Aftercare Inquiry

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