Edition 2 | 12 February 2021

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    15 February-23 April 03 May - 09 July 26 July - 01 October 11 October - 15 December
    Grade Start Time Drop-off Point End Time Collection Point
    Grade 1 07h25 Sports Cafe Gate 13h10 Main Gate
    Grade 2 07h25 Montessori Gate 13h10 Montessori Gate
    Grade 3 07h25 Main Gate 13h10 Main Gate
    Grade 4 07h25 Montessori Gate 13h40 Staff Gate
    Grade 5 07h25 Sports Cafe Gate 13h40 Main Gate
    Grade 6 07h25 Main Gate 13h40 Montessori Gate
    Grade 7 07h25 Main Gate 13h40 Main Gate

    Message from the Acting Principal

    I’ve been waiting to write this message to our parent body since June last year. It is with great excitement that I can announce that in line with the new regulations, we will be returning to school on Monday 15 February at full capacity. That means that all our learners will be at school every day of the week. As per normal all COVID regulations and safety protocols will be adhered to at all times. Please rest assured that the safety of our learners, staff and parents will not be compromised in any way.
    For Bryanston Primary School to reintroduce all grades successfully, I would encourage our parents to take note of the following matters.

    Today all parents will receive an email from their child’s register teacher. Please read carefully, fill in the required documents and send it back to the register teacher as soon as possible. This is of utmost importance.

    • Please familiarise yourself with the entrance and exit procedures of each grade.
    • Please take note of the school times.  School starts at 7:25 for all grades.  Gr 1-3 will leave at 13:10 and Grade 4-7 at 13:40. Please ensure that you fetch your child on time as we are all committed to ensure that social distancing takes place during these peak times.
    • All learners will wear BPS uniform.
    • Masks will be given to each child, but we would like all learners to arrive with their own masks on day 1.
    • As we are limited for space during breaks, learners will not always have shade during breaks.  Please ensure that your child brings an umbrella to school for rainy days as well as breaks in the sun.

    As we cautiously enter this new phase, we will share our plans regarding extra-murals and aftercare soon.

    As we are striving to ensure quality education through these difficult times, we have employed several teaching assistants.  We would like to welcome Mr Kriel, Mr Rheeder and Ms Maseko to the Bryanston family.  We wish you all the best and hope that you will find happiness in your endeavours at Bryanston.

    Please take note that the following functions that were scheduled for the beginning of the year will be postponed until further notice. 

    • Foundation Phase prize giving.
    • Prefect blazer assembly.
    • Parent evening.

    The intermediate prize giving will take place on Thursday morning, (18 February).  Unfortunately, no parents will be attending.

    A sincere gratitude to all our parents that kept up to date with school fees during 2020.  We understand that it was an extremely tough year and we are grateful that we could honour all our financial commitments.  I would like to encourage parents to honour their financial commitments as the running costs of the school is still ongoing.  Please communicate with us if you are experiencing financial difficulties regarding school fees.

    We will continue our journey to install, remind and practice good values in 2021.  Please support us in our vision to send responsible and self-confident young boys and girls into the world.  

    “Nothing is impossible when we follow our inner guidance.”- G. Jampolsky

    ~ Mr Morne Marx

    General Announcements

    COVID Standard Operating Procedures

    Please ensure that you have read and understand the school standard operating procedures for the start of Term 1, in relation to COVID sanitation standards.

    The document can be found on our Coronavirus Resources page.

    D6 Connect

    Parents are encouraged to install the D6 Connect App in order to receive important communication from the school regarding News, Resources, Alerts etc. Download the app here.

    MS Teams and BPS Online

    From the school side, all MS Teams and BPS online profiles have been created and are working. Login details are the same as last year and if resets were done, they were sent to parents. Please use the MS Teams or BPS Online password reset button on the front page of the login page if ever you forget the password.

    • For BPS online login password queries when you have difficulties, please contact support@bpsonline.co.za from a login aspect. If the query is subject related, regarding content, please contact the subject teacher and not support.
    • If you are experiencing MS Teams login password queries please email troman@bryanstonprimary.co.za
    • If you are experiencing technical difficulties (not related to passwords), depending on the device you are using, please ensure that updates are done on the learners’ devices.
    • For details on resetting or changing of passwords, please refer to our Troubleshooting guide.
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