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Edition 1 | 14 January 2022

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    Message from the Acting Principal

    Mr Morne Marx

    A warm welcome to all learners, parents and staff.  I would like to extend a special welcome to all our new learners and parents.  We hope that you will find happiness and much joy at Bryanston Primary School.  

    2022 has started smoothly at Bryanston Primary.  On Wednesday we were in class and busy orientating by 8:00.  Our Grade R and Grade 1 learners were super stars, and we are delighted that they settled in extremely quickly, and no tears were shed.  Thank you to all our parents and teachers for the effective way we’ve started this year.  We have started so well, and we would encourage you to please support us in achieving our theme for the year which is “Cultivating Excellence”.  We would like to ensure excellence in everything we do.

    We would like to share our sincere condolences with all our families, past and present, who have lost loved ones over the festive period to COVID and other causes.

    I would like to welcome the following staff to the Bryanston family.

    • Ms De Sa will start in Grade 3 and we look forward to many special moments in her classroom. We want to congratulate Mrs Kohlmeyer on the birth of her little one on 11 January.
    • Ms Mdletshe will teach Zulu in the Foundation phase and we hope she will find happiness at Bryanston Primary School.
    • Ms Ashton was appointed as our new intern in the Foundation Phase. We welcome her back and hope that her stay with Bryanston will be filled with happy memories.

    Let’s make 2022 a special year where we spend quality time with our children as often as possible.  This will benefit our children in learning to build proper relationships and communication skills.  Our children thrive on attention and love to feel safe and secure.  The biggest gift we can give somebody is our time.

    We are confident that we will be able to create opportunities for our learners to participate in extra mural activities this year.  Please encourage your child to take part in as many activities as possible.

    Please remember that education can only be effective when parents, teachers and learners are working together to the same goal. I would like to encourage teachers and parents to keep open channels of communication to ensure quality education and the happiness of all our children.

    We will continue our journey to install, remind and practice good values in 2022.  Please support us in our vision to send responsible and self-confident young boys and girls into the world.  For us to do this, please ensure that your child is well groomed and dressed in the correct uniform.  This sets the tone for the day and will also help your child to grow a conscious pride in his or her school.  We will grant Gr 4-7 parents an opportunity to sort out the formal uniform till 7 February.  If there is any uniform concerns, please address them to me at mmarx@bryanstonprimary.co.za

    A sincere gratitude to all our parents that kept up to date with school fees during 2021.  We understand that it was an extremely tough year, and we are grateful that we could honour all our financial commitments.  I would like to encourage parents to honour their financial commitments as the running costs of the school is still ongoing.  Please communicate with us if you are experiencing financial difficulties regarding school fees.

    Let’s tackle 2022 with the words of Oprah Winfrey in mind. 

    “Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more.  If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough”

    Have a great year and I look forward to a fantastic 2022!



    Academic News 2022

    We welcome back parents, teachers and learners to a wonderful new year and look forward to a prosperous and successful year ahead. Our vision for 2022 is “Cultivating Excellence”. It is time to gather ourselves together and look towards creating and paving a way of excellence in all facets so each and every child experience success and discovers their latent talents and passion.

    After analysing the academics for 2021, the following areas have been highlighted for development:

    Skills development:

    a. English/Afrikaans: Weekly spelling (Grade 1 – 7)
    b. Conquesta: English & Mathematics (Weekly papers with corrections)
    c. Verbs used for questions in tests and examinations: Word bank created by Mr Swanepoel
    d. Brainiac: Use the bank of words for spelling
    e. Mathematics: Drilling and daily mental maths
    f. Grade 4: First week – cutting, pasting and organizational skills/time management, cursive writing
    g. Computers: Grade 4-7 Typing and research skills
    h. DAAR (Drop All And Read) lesson: – Friday: L1 – Kumon English, FP: Comprehension
    i. Zulu Second additional Language for Grade 1 – 7
    j. We have allocated a lesson each week to incorporating the STEAM approach (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) where learners work towards a theme for the term. The lesson is dedicated to the Genius Hour. We would like to inspire our learners towards creativity, innovation, team work, reflection and working towards a common goal.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need further clarification. We are here for you and your children and their success is our priority.

    Contact: Ms S Lutawan (Academic Head)


    New timetables uploaded

    The Term 1 2022 timetables for co-curriculars have been uploaded to the website, and can be found on the Timetables page.

    Concert Auditions

    Concert Auditions for main characters will be held on the following dates:

    • Grade 4: 26th January
    • Grade 5: 2nd February
    • Grade 6: 9th February
    • Grade 7: 16th February
    • Call backs: 23rd February

    For those Grade 4’s interested, they can collect scripts from their register teachers from Monday 17 January.
    For those Grade 5 -7’s interested may collect a scrip from Miss Hart during their Performing Arts lessons.

    To book an audition time, sign up on the sheets outside Miss Harts class.


    Bryanston Primary Lockers

    The use of the Bryanston Primary lockers is a privilege that will only be granted to Grade 4 to Grade 7 learners. A learner will have to apply for the use of a locker, but a learner that has had any transgressions in regard to damaging of school property, will be denied the use of a locker. There are a limited number of lockers and lockers will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis. Bryanston Primary School cannot be held responsible for lost, stolen or damaged personal property.

    Lockers may be rented per term or yearly:

    • Term: R100 per Term, paid in full before the allocation of a locker.
    • Year: R350 to be paid in full before the allocation of a locker.

    If you would like to rent a locker, please inform your child’s register teacher so that they can send you a Locker Use Agreement which needs to be signed and returned to the school.

    Uniform Requirements

    Please note that all Grade 1-7 learners should have the required Bryanston Primary School formal and physical education uniform by Monday 7 February 2022.

    When learners have assembly, they must wear their formal uniform. They can wear their formal uniform on any other day as well.

    If they have physical education lessons, they may come to school in their phys ed uniform. Learners can choose to wear phys ed uniform Tuesdays – Friday’s, if they choose, but formal uniform is required for assembly days.

    School and Leisure have the required uniforms.

    Parent’s Contact Details Updates

    If parents’ cellphone numbers, work or personal e-mail addresses, medical aid details or any other personal details have changed, please can parents urgently update details with the Admissions Department.

    The D6 connect App will not connect you to the learner’s profile, if any of your details have changed. This information is also important for staff to retrieve parent contact details from our administrative database.

    If any changes, please e-mail Mrs van Eeden on  jvaneeden@bryanstonprimary.co.za


    1.  An E-mail system of communication
    2. All learners will move to register classes last 10 mins of such a day
    3. Parents e-mail class teacher
    4. Grade Head will be CCed
    5. Class teacher sends learner, unaccompanied to the main gate, via the foyer.
    6. After-care learners go to their allocated classrooms and not the register classroom
    7. Parents, registered with Aftercare, must still use Aftercare phone numbers
    8. No emails will be used for Aftercare, they must use WhatsApp
    9. All learners exit via the foyer. Parents to ensure that when an e-mail is sent, that they are waiting for their children.
    10. No child must be waiting, unsupervised, at the gate - the parent must be ready and waiting
    11. Systematic Procedure
      1. A member of the SMT or a person designated by the SMT will sound the siren or make the announcement.
      2. All outdoor activities will cease
      3. Educators will stop teaching at the allocated/announced time and move to their classes
      4. Taking shelter is a foremost priority
      5. An alert will be sent to parents
      6. Learners will be dismissed as per email request
    12. Chain of command: The Acting Principal, followed by any member of the SMT
    13. Educators stay with learners until 14H45 and escort the remaining learners to the hall for supervision
    14. When coming from the field, during an extra-mural, the Educator in charge must take responsibility
    15. Failure to comply with this Policy, may result in disciplinary action

    Parents are reminded that the dismissal times for the Grades are as follows:

    Grade R13:00
    Grade 1-213:10
    Grade 3-713:40

    Please ensure that the following items are in the learner’s shoulder bags daily:

    • An extra mask in a sealed plastic bag in case of an emergency
    • A plastic bag to throw rubbish into (tissues, pencil sharpenings, paper that has been cut out etc.)
    • A minimum of 500ml of water for drinking
    • Adequate amount of lunch
    • Personal hand sanitiser (alcohol based)
    • Personal tissues
    • Sanitising wipes (alcohol based) to clean off their own working area
    • No latex gloves may be worn

    There are still many parents who are entering the NO RIGHT TURN area on Mount Street. Please adhere to all road signals to assist with the flow of traffic. Please obey all instructions given by our security guards.

    JMPD have informed BPS that they will be doing spot visits to the school to monitor and assist with regulating traffic.

    JMPD have also suggested that parents drive up Mount Street (if coming from Grosvenor), and turn into Cross Road (towards the gym) and then join onto Main Road to flow into William Nicol, if you need to get back onto William Nicol Drive.

    There is a NO RIGHT TURN sign on Mount Street, on the island (coming from Grosvenor) that indicates that no cars coming from Grosvenor are allowed to turn right into the parking area. Please adhere to all road signs in order to assist with traffic congestion.

    As we are moving into warmer weather and the rainy season, please ensure that your child has wet weather fear (umbrella/raincoat) in their bags each day.

    Please ensure that you have read and understand the school standard operating procedures for the start of Term 1, in relation to COVID sanitation standards.

    The document can be found on our Coronavirus Resources page.

    Parents are encouraged to install the D6 Connect App in order to receive important communication from the school regarding News, Resources, Alerts etc. Download the app here.

    From the school side, all MS Teams and BPS online profiles have been created and are working. Login details are the same as last year and if resets were done, they were sent to parents. Please use the MS Teams or BPS Online password reset button on the front page of the login page if ever you forget the password.

    For BPS online login password queries when you have difficulties, please contact support@bpsonline.co.za from a login aspect. If the query is subject related, regarding content, please contact the subject teacher and not support.
    If you are experiencing MS Teams login password queries please email troman@bryanstonprimary.co.za
    If you are experiencing technical difficulties (not related to passwords), depending on the device you are using, please ensure that updates are done on the learners' devices.
    For details on resetting or changing of passwords, please refer to our Troubleshooting guide.

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