Montessori Maths

Children come into contact with numbers early on in life as our world is dependent upon mathematics, from counting pennies, to baking cookies, to birthdays and how many presents we get. Numbers are one of the most abstract concepts that the human mind has encountered. No physical aspects of objects can ever suggest the idea of number. The ability to count, to compute, and to use numerical relationships are among the most significant among human achievements. The concept of number is not the contribution of a single individual, but is the product of a gradual, social evolution.

At Bryanston Primary we have brought together two approaches to education and married them into a revolutionary concept allowing our children to have and experience the best of both worlds.

In our Montessori Math’s Centre the mathematic experience is reality-based. Concrete materials are used to present abstract mathematical concepts. We have setup a creative, dynamic environment where the children from Grade 0 through to Grade 3 interact with a wide range of didactic materials. These materials are designed to lure the children into the creative world of numbers, exploring and understand mathematics concepts in a concrete sensorial way long before they are introduced to them in the traditional classroom.

The environment is step up in such a way that all material is constantly displayed so that if we have a learner that needs a little more time mastering a concept they may do it as many times as they please, and like wise if a learner shows a particular interest in a mathematical area and excels at it, they will be free to explore further.

The Montessori math room has a wide range of materials reinforcing the early math concepts – numbers one to nine, the decimal system, addition, multiplication, subtraction and division. Fractions are introduced using many different concrete materials. Geometry is presented using 2D and 3D shapes, constructive triangles, the Roman Arch and the Binomial and Trinomial cubes. The learner works with numbers from 1 up to 9999 which they find both stimulating and exciting.

The Math’s centre was created to ensure all learners from all walks of life a good solid foundation in an essential learning area. The learners work independently finding solutions to math’s problems as they explore this unique environment.