Parent-to-School Communication

Please note that no parent may see an educator without making an appointment. Parents who “pop in” for a chat can disrupt classroom time, which is not fair to the educator or the other learners in the class.

If there is anything that you would like to discuss, please follow the route indicated below and only go “higher” up the ladder should you require additional information or assistance:

Step 1 : The class Educator
Step 2 : The Grade Head
Step 3 : The Subject Head
Step 4 : The Deputy Principal
Step 5 : The Principal

All email addresses can be found by clicking here or visiting our CONTACTS section.

There are several ways to make an appointment as well as to communicate with the staff:


The school switchboard numbers are 011 706 1263/4


Emails may be sent directly to staff. However, please do NOT send any urgent messages in this manner in case there is a delay on the server.
Click here to go to our Bryanston Primary Staff Contacts list.

School-to-Parent Communication

Communication between parents and the school is vital. Bryanston Primary will communicate with parents via the following channels:


This is a vital tool for the school to be able to communicate news, sports results, events and other important information to parents. It is mailed out weekly on a Friday. Please sign up for the newsletter here, or visit our NEWS section to see a term’s worth of archived newsletters. This will also be made available via the School Communicator.

d6 Connect

Communication is fundamental to effective partnership with our parents and the success of learners. We firmly believe in creating a school environment that will improve the performance of learners as well as the involvement of parents.

Due to our vision of improving communication and to make it as easy as possible for our parents, we are pleased to introduce the d6 Connect application to you. The d6 Connect application will allow us to communicate all school and learner information to our parents with a two-way communication system as well as a real time “help” functionality.

The d6 School Communicator will be replaced by the d6 Connect application in 2019.

What does the d6 Connect application offer?
  • Cashless payment solution that will enable parents to make payments from the application directly to the school
  • News, calendar, resources
  • School information
  • Help functionality
  • Alert functionality

Parents can download the d6 Connect app for their mobile devices either from Google Play or iStore.


In the case of time-sensitive communications (for example, extramural cancellations due to weather, etc) the school will occasionally send SMS messages to the parents. Please ensure that the school has your correct mobile number to facilitate this crucial form of communication.