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Admissions and Fees


As a government school, Bryanston Primary follows the procedures of the Department of Basic Education.

You may enroll your child in a school at a date to be advised in the preceding year. A Grade R applicant must be four years turning five or older by 30 June the next year and an applicant for grade one must be five years and turning six or older by 30 June the next year.

Registration procedure

Apply a year before at a school near you or a school of your choice. This is done initially via an online application process, and the parent of the applicant must login and apply here:

Documentation required

To register the following documents are compulsory:

  • Application form from the school
  • Official birth certificate
  • Immunisation card

If you are moving your child from one school to another, submit latest school report, and a transfer card.

Non-SA Citizens

If your child is not a South African citizen, include the following documents:

  • Study permit
  • Temporary or permanent residence permit or proof that you have applied for permission to stay in South Africa.


At the Budget Meeting held on the 16th November 2020, the school fees for 2021 was approved by a majority of votes from the parent body. The financial commitment from parents ensures the continued growth and well being of our school, which in turn, ensures a high standard of education for our children. 

The major expenses continue to be that of salaries, administration, utility costs, which are funded by the Parent Body.  e believe that it is imperative that we continue to strive to keep the learner/ educator ratios as low as possible. 

The school fees for 2021 are:

Grade Learners
Grade 1 R 38 350
Grade 2-7 R34 250

School fees for 2021 will be billed in full In January and will reduce as payments are made. You will still have Ten (10) months to settle the account, but if the two payments are missed the full amount will be handed over for debt collection.

The following discounts will apply:

  • Paid in full by the end of December 2020 – qualify for 8% discount
  • Paid In full by the end of January 2021- qualify for 6% discount
  • Pay in 10 monthly instalments via debit order- qualify for 5% discount

All forms of payment will be accepted, excluding American Express cards.

Please note:

Bryanston Primary is now a cashless zone. All transactions must take place via eft or debit order.



Mrs Gerda Bayne
Finance office

Bank Details

Account name: Bryanston Primary
Bank: Standard Bank – Fourways Crossing
Branch code: 009953
Account number: 023385103

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