CAPS-based education system, with a focus on excellence


Learning Programmes

As a public school, Bryanston Primary follows the South African Curriculum Assessment Policy (CAPS) system of education.

Subjects include:
  • English (First Language)
  • Afrikaans (Second Language)
  • Mathematics
  • Social Sciences (History and Geography)
  • Natural Science
  • Life Orientation (LO)
  • Music and Drama
  • Art
  • Economic and Management Science (EMS) – Grade 7 only
  • Technology – Grade 7 only

From Grades 1-3, learners will have a main class teacher, with breakaways for specialist subjects such as Art, Music and Drama, and Physical Education.

From Grades 4-7, children are assigned to a register teacher, and then move around the school during periods to subject specialists.

Physical Education

We firmly believe that a healthy body creates a healthy mind. Physical Education forms part of the school’s curriculum and learners from Grades 1-7 participate in this activity.

Online Learning

In March 2020, spurred by the advent of a full country-wide lockdown mandated by the South African government to combat the spread of the novel Coronavirus, Bryanston Primary embarked on an ambitious e-learning project.

In order to ensure that no child at Bryanston Primary was left behind, the school management team created a set of specifications designed to embrace the circumstances of all its learners.

Mindful of the fact that many children might not have easy access to a computer or smartphone, and parents might struggle with the costs of data, it was decided that a self-paced online system was required. This meant that a learner could log on whenever a computer/smartphone and cheap data was available, whatever the time of day.

The result was BPS Online, a fully CAPS-compliant online learning system. Running at full capacity, the system can handle several hundred online learners at a time, and allows for self-paced learning at the child or parent’s convenience.

A roaring success in 2020 – especially when the site became zero-rated – the staff at Bryanston Primary continue to develop this all-encompassing system. Even when lockdown lifts and schools return to normal in the future, all pupils at Bryanston Primary will reap the benefits, as they will be able to use the materials for revision and remedial work.

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