Management Teams

Bryanston Primary has a number of team structures in place, designed with the smooth running of the school in mind.

School Management Team (SMT)

The Bryanston School Management Team (SMT) is a committee of experienced educators whose job is to be responsible for professional management in the day-to-day running of the school. Specific responsibilities include:


  • Perform all professional functions.
  • Organise all activities that support teaching and learning.
  • Day-to-day administration and organisation of teaching and learning at the school.
  • Manage personnel matters.
  • Decide on textbooks, educational materials and equipment to be bought.
  • Manage day-to-day financial matters.
  • Develop a code of conduct for learners

Current SMT members are:

  • Mr Morne Marx:  Acting Principal
  • Mrs Jacqueline Coertzen: Deputy Principal:  Discipline Grade 1-7
  • Mrs Shalini Lutawan:  Departmental Head Intersen Phase
  • Mr Oscar Swanepoel: Departmental Head Intersen Phase
  • Miss Kayleigh Pepperell: Departmental Head Foundation Phase
  • Mrs Tania Roman: Departmental Head Information Technology
  • Mr Spencer Howarth: Departmental Head Sport

School Governing Body (SGB)

Bryanston Primary School is Section 21 organisation, which ensures that effective governance structures are in place to support the processes within the school to deliver a quality, relevant and effective education for all our children.

School governance is about creating, implementing, supervising and evaluating policies and rules, which guide and govern the actions of the school and its members. In other words, school governance is concerned with the creation of policies for the school and making sure that the school is run according to the set policies. School governance is also about raising money for the school.

Parents or caregivers form most of the members of a SGB, and as per the South African Schools Act they are the ones who have the primary responsibility for ensuring that the school is run efficiently.

SGB elections are once run every three years and on an ad-hoc basis, should a parent member resign.

The South African School Act states that the following groups of people can be elected to a school governing body of an ordinary public school:

  • The parents of learners at the school.
  • The staff members who are not educators (for example the gardener or the secretary).
  • The educators.

Current parent & staff SGB members are:

Parent members:
  • Chairman – Heath Samuel
  • Vice-chairman – Kevin Naidoo
  • Treasurer – Jeremiah Singizi
  • Secretary – Le-Andra Sinclair
  • Members –  Siya Daku, Kate Pater
Teacher representatives:
  • Shalini Lutawan
  • Kayleigh Pepperell
  • Zjuan Mann
GDE representative:
  • Morne Marx
Non-education staff representative:
  • Jennifer Van Eeden
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