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MySchool Card

Every Bryanston Primary family, both current and past, can help our school to raise money!

My School Card facility is a facility where family of pupils are asked to register and use their My School Cards whilst shopping and thereby without any cost to themselves, raise funds for the school. We encourage parents to register their MySchool Card under Bryanston Primary School as a fundraising initiative.

You raise funds without knowing it! Its easy….just swipe at any store that accepts the MySchool Card.

For more information or to sign up, please visit

MySchool participating stores:

Tickey Afternoon

Tickey Afternoon began in the early sixties when the monetary system was pounds, shillings and pence. Grade 7 learners organised this mini-fete, where entrance for everything was a tickey. A tickey could then actually purchase something of value!

The idea behind the day was to enable the Grade 7 learners to give the school a gift by which they could be remembered and also to give something back to the School as a special thank you for all that had been done for them during their years there.

Tickey Afternoon is no longer simply a fund-raising event. It is an educational exercise in co-operation, compromise, planning, how to run meetings, note taking and basic economic skills. Organising their own activities encourages learners to use their own ideas and initiative. This mini-fete is run entirely by the learners, assisted by parents. Educators act in a controlling and advisory capacity but learners must make the decisions, do the work, decorate the stalls and are generally in charge.

Money raised from Tickey Afternoon has resulted in many improvements to Bryanston Primary School; the administrative block, new classrooms, hall curtains, brick paving, swimming pool stands and the fish pond.

A HUGE thank you to all our Grade 7 learners and parents for their enthusiasm and support each year.

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