As the school has been in existence for over 60 years, with many fundraising activities during that period, we are fortunate enough to boast some truly wonderful facilities.




Computer Centre

Bryanston Primary boasts a fully-equipped IT centre for the school with up-to-date software and a curriculum which prepares our learners for the fast-moving I.T. world out there.

The I.T. centre also functions as a resource center and a weekly Computer Club is provided, where learners can do research in the afternoons and extra computer lessons are given.

We have a vast range of exciting theme-based lessons which not only teach computer skills, but a wide variety of problem-solving and thinking skills. We use educational games, educational software, Microsoft suite programmes, and more.

The centre has been set up with a server for learners’ projects, secure Internet access, as well as an interactive white board.

Media Centre

Our Media Centre is a centre of quiet and tranquility, frequented regularly by learners and staff alike.

With well-equipped sections including fiction, non-fiction and periodicals, there is something for everyone at our library. Cosy couches and corner nooks make for comfortable spots for bookworms to indulge in their passion for reading.

Run by a full-time librarian, who is also in charge of issuing and returning school textbooks, we are proud of our Media Centre and continue to build our library.

Grade 6 students are selected as library assistants to assist the librarian with the never-ending task of shelving and sorting books.


The safety and security of all the members of the Bryanston family has always been a priority and this is underlined by the implementation of the dedicated SPECIALOPS99 company that is responsible for guarding, monitoring and response from a centralised control room within the school premises and beyond. This is further supported by CCTV system throughout the school.

SPECIALOPS 99 (Pty) Ltd is contracted to deliver the following services:

Security Services including, but not limited to:

  • Guarding services
  • Customer and visitor/staff vehicle monitoring services
  • Health and Safety coordinating in selected disciplines.

For more information, please go to specialops99.co.za


Bryanston Primary has a full tuckshop,  Mrs T’s Canteen, where a healthy range of hot meals are available from early in the morning to late afternoon.

Although sweets and drinks are also on sale, children may not purchase these before second break to avoid the dreaded “sugar rush” which can make young children somewhat ungovernable during teaching times!

The tuckshop operates on a cash basis, or via SnapScan or Zapper.

Operating Hours:

7AM to 4PM Monday To Friday.


  • Fully Covid-19 compliant
  • Classroom parties/birthdays
  • Tuck management system
  • Cashless payment methods available
  • Feeding scheme
  • Catering for after-school sporting activities and weekend school functions
  • Thank your teacher with a Gift Voucher!
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