School Fees

At the Annual General Meeting held on the 19th October 2016, the school fees for 2017 were approved by a majority of votes from the parent body. The financial commitment from parents ensures the continued growth and well being of our school, which in turn, ensures a high standard of education for our children.

The major expenses continue to be that of salaries, administration, building and ground maintenance costs, which are funded by the Parent Body. We believe that it is imperative that we continue to strive to keep the learner/educator ratios as low as possible:

The school fees for 2017 are as per below table.

The following discounts will apply:

  • Paid in full by the end of December 2016 – qualify for 8% discount
  • Paid in full by the end of January 2017 – qualify for 6% discount
  • Pay in 10 monthly installments via debit order – qualify for 5% discount

All forms of payment will be accepted, excluding American Express cards.

We appreciate your continued support in paying the school fees.

Banking details are as follows:

Account name: Bryanston Primary
Bank: Standard Bank – Fourways Crossing
Branch code: 009953
Account number: 023385103

** This fee only applies to learners who need to repeat Grade 1 in 2017 – all other Grade 1 learners are considered new learners.

BPS School Fees 2017
Grade 1R 30,900R 27,600**
Grade 2R 30,900R 27,600
Grade 3R 30,900R 27,600
Grade 4R 29,400R 27,600
Grade 5R 29,400R 27,600
Grade 6R 29,400R 27,600
Grade 7R 29,400R 27,600