Fund Raising

Bryanston Fundraising Committee (BFC)

The Bryanston fundraising Committee (BFC) is made up of a group of passionate parents and educators who very invest their time and energy into raising funds for Bryanston Primary School to offer our children the best education and opportunities available.

To maintain and continually upgrade our school’s facilities, we must source additional funds.

During the year, the BFC runs several events and programmes to raise these funds. Some of the facilities that have been created using funds raised by the BFC include:

  • Development of a new and improved catering facility
  • Interactive Maths Centre
  • Sports related projects, such as revamping of the cricket nets and some netball courts, as well as the solar heating of the school pool
  • Revamped Library
  • Assistance for the less fortunate within our community

MySchool Card

The BFC also manages the My School Card facility where family of pupils are asked to register and use their My School Cards whilst shopping and thereby without any cost to themselves, raise funds for the school.

Should you wish to get involved with the Bryanston Fundraising Committee, please contact